Most Weather Tight Frameless Folding Doors

T Group Windows and Doors is proud to introduce, “Premier Frameless Folding Doors”,the most innovative, weather tight and affordable frameless folding doors On the market today. “Premier Frameless Folding Doors”, a leading edge European technology made in Southern California, have been sold throughout the world since 2002. 

Premier Folding Doors Is your best alternative To Bi-fold doors, French Doors, and Pocket Doors.We simply have chosen a door and window system that functions and feels better than any other system, for Residential and Commercial Balconies, Patios, Entrances, Doorways and Interior Divisions.

Why Choose Premier Frameless Folding Doors?
– Lowest Maintenance: No rollers or ball bearings. System glides on Self Lubricating Teflon.
– Most Weather tight: Premier Frameless Folding Doors have exceeded the standard for water tightness and air intrusion.
– Most Affordable: New innovative technology has made it possible to create the most affordable frameless folding door on the market today.
– Most Versatile: openings can be at either side of the system or on both sides. Main Door can be in-swing or out-swing.
– Most Innovative: The Sidelock System, unique to Premier Folding Doors, compresses Panels together for a secure weather tight glass wall. For more info visit us at or call 760-806-6830 for a FREE In-home estimate.

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Premier Frameless Folding Doors: Slide and Fold towards main door for a wide span opening.


Premier Frameless Folding Doors