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A full unobstructed view from your home or business is now possible with the Premier Frameless Folding Doors, whether you have an ocean view a hills and mountains view, a city light view or simply a beautiful backyard view.

You no longer need to sacrifice your outdoor indoor experience with bulky French Doors, Framed  Bifolding Doors or Multi slide doors.You can now choose to have a  100% unobstructed view with the Premier Frameless Folding Doors or choose the dual glazed thermally broken Ultra Slim Framed Premier Folding Doors with no visible hardware and less than 3″ Site Line.

Premier Frameless Folding Doors are your best alternative anywhere in California whether you live in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Barbara… Counties

Why Choose Premier  Folding Doors

  • Leading Edge Technology since 2002.
    Premier Folding Doors Fully implements the European patented Glass Curtains technology and is manufactured in Southern California.
  • Most Weather Tight Folding Doors.
    Premier Folding Doors have been tested to meet or exceed the standard for sliding folding doors for water tightness and Air intrusion.
  • Most Affordable.
    Premier Folding Doors innovative components helped make their doors very affordable to the homeowners and businesses.
  • Extremely  Versatile.
    1-Choose a main door on either side or both sides.
    2-Open one panel or open them all or just create air gaps to get some fresh air.
    3-Stack your panels outward or inward.
  • Very Secure. 
    Premier Unique Side-lock System compresses panels together to create a floor to ceiling solid glass wall.
    It locks from the inside, unless requested otherwise, making it impossible for intruders to try to get in.
  •  Bottom weighted. 
    The weight of the panels is divided equally and supported along the bottom track.
  • Low Maintenance.

    Frameless Folding Doors

    Most Weather Tight Frameless Folding Doors Balboa Island

    Frameless Folding Doors

    Unobstructed View All Year Long

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    Most Versatile Folding Doors.