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Slide and Fold  Doors Featured In HGTV Todd Davis “Room Crashers” TV Episode.

The Slide and Fold Doors  by T Group Windows and Doors installed and featured on HGTV’s “Room Crashers” TV Series. Todd Davis, in the “Sleek Family Lounge” episode, highlights The Slide and Fold doors that stretch 16 feet across the room and open up onto the patio. The folding glass doors, an alternative to French exterior doors and custom patio doors, open up the living space of their family room to the outdoor pool and patio. The folding doors, combined with the mid-century modern, minimal furniture turn this room into a sleek family lounge. (see more Folding Door installations by T Group Windows and Doors on their website, or call 760-806-6830).

Notice how the Slide and Fold Doors expands their living space, seamlessly combining the indoor family room with their outdoor backyard swimming pool and patio.

What kind of problem do folding French exterior doors solve for homeowners?

The folding glass walls cool your home quicker by allowing even the slightest breeze to be felt indoors because you can open the whole door. These alternatives to collapsible accordion doors allow more natural light in because you have thin clean lines.

With the Slide and Fold Door system there’s no need for special engineering of your existing opening. The door can be installed in most openings without the need to upgrade or alter the structure.

The system costs less because most of the hardware found on similar door systems is hidden or eliminated thru our patented European design. All you see is clean lines.

We have a variety of folding glass door systems priced for anyone’s budget. Let T Group Windows and Doors help create or enhance your unique living space with the folding door systems The Frameless, Ultra Slim and The Vinyl Slide and Fold Series. Let us open up your living space and seamlessly bring the outdoors indoors-San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange County, Riverside County, San Bernardino County and Palm Springs.
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Raffy Timonian “T Group Windows and Doors” with Todd Davis “Room Crashers” team