7 reasons why T Group Windows and Folding Doors Can improve your lifestyle

Replacement Windows and Folding Doors San Diego: 7 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle

http://www.foldingdoorsandwindows.com New, high quality window and door systems provide many advantages-to your pocketbook, for your health, and for your safety and security. Notice these 7 lifestyle improvements and advantages installing new windows, sliding doors and Premier Folding Doors can deliver for you.  Call 760.806.6830, and let our team share with you the savings and benefits of T Group Folding Doors and Windows:

  1. Fresh Air Health Advantages

Beautiful new windows and sliding or folding doors encourages homeowners and employees to open them up, allowing fresh air flowing through your living space. It removes stale air and move pollutants out. Fresh air provides you with a steady supply of oxygen which is needed by your brain and every single cell of your body.

Open those windows and Fold the Premier Folding Doors up and let the breeze come in. You’d be amazed at how the gentle breeze from the sea, valley, or mountain adds so much life to your property!

  1. The Health and Beauty of Light

Windows and Doors in General fill your space with both sunlight and moonlight and can deliver warmth and a feeling of spaciousness. The Premier Frameless Folding Doors would be your ultimate choice for getting the most light to enhance your home’s livability, not to mention your mood!

According to the American Psychiatric Association (APA), exposure to daylight and bright light can improve your mood. Seasonal Affective Disorder (commonly called SAD) affects many people, in which less exposure to daylight (usually during the winter months) causes a chemical imbalance in the brain and leads to depression.

  1. Energy Efficiency Power Bill Savings

The weather performance of T Group windows and doors systems can also help you control heat gain and loss during winter and summer months, and reduce your consumption of gas and oil to heat and/or cool your property.

Energy-efficient exterior doors can improve the amount of heat gain or loss a home experiences. Our Tightly-fitting, energy-efficient doors and windows help stabilize the temperature in your home. Our Ultra Slim Folding Doors are DP-50 Tested at 173 miles/hour.

  1. Aesthetic Value and “Eye Appeal”

Adding The Frameless or Ultra Slim Premier Folding Doors to a property can greatly change the look and feel of your space, making it more appealing to the eye. The blend of your interior living space with the exterior enlarges the area, making it look bigger and provides a unique sense of freedom.

No matter what style and décor you chose for your project, Premier Folding Doors have a style that will complement your residential or commercial property’s character and harmonize beautifully with today’s contemporary lifestyles.

  1. Indoor/Outdoor Living & Entertainment

We all love good times with family and friends-that entertainment is a welcome refreshment to stressful work and school.  Entertaining family and friends becomes much easier in an atmosphere and environment of open living space. Premier Folding Doors create a unique, stunning transition from the interior to the exterior of your property.

Imagine opening your living room to the pool and barbeque area for that special celebration, or just lying down in your patio’s hammock while streaming music from your master bedroom or enjoying a cocktail with friends at the pool bar that connects to the kitchen while your loved one or private Chef prepares a lovely meal for you.

  1. Spectacular Views

Our Premier Folding Doors create endless views to where the sky is literally the limit. Premier Ultra Slim Folding Doors have less than 1″ frame and the Frameless Folding Doors are totally seamless. Do you enjoy the view of your garden, patio, backyard? Does the view from your home of the mountains, valleys, desert, ocean, beach or countryside bring you peace? Maximize the view of your surroundings by bringing the outdoors in. Invite your mountains, ocean, desert and nature in general to take a sneak peek at your property every day!

  1. Safety and Security of Family and Property

The windows and doors of your home, in addition to serving as much-needed sources of light and air to your home, can also securely keep intruders away. Our Premier Folding Doors patented side-lock system provides the security of a solid glass wall when closed.

The window and door portals, if left unsecured or poorly maintained, may invite intruders into your home, leading to potentially catastrophic results.Well functioning sliders, handles and door tracks are also protection from safety hazards.

Call 760.806.6830 today and let T Group Windows and Doors-the # 1 Distributor and installer of Windows and Premier Folding Doors in Southern California-turn your dreams into reality, and give you this great innovative Sliding, Folding Door system at affordable prices within YOUR BUDGET!!

Award Winning Outdoor Design, Premier Frameless Folding Doors.

SoCal Awards – Best Model Complex Landscape Design for Toll Brothers’

www.foldingdoorsandwindows.com T Group Windows and Doors is proud to have been chosen by Toll Brothers at the Enclave at Yorba Linda Irvine, CA to provide and install the most innovative Premier Frameless Folding Doors. Our Frameless Folding Doors installed in Toll Brothers’ award winning backyard design allow for a sweeping breathtaking view and a seamless indoor outdoor space. Premier Frameless Folding Doors System makes it possible to slide and fold all panels for a wide span opening or just as many panels to create a unique ambiance.

Premier most weather tight Frameless Folding Doors system has virtually no visible hardware allowing the original design intent of architects/builders to remain the same. Premier Folding Doors manufactured in Southern California fully implements “Glass Curtains™” patented technology developed in Europe since 2002.When closed Premier Folding Doors Side-Lock System compresses panels together to create a solid floor to ceiling glass wall. In addition to Premier Frameless Folding Doors and Premier Ultra Slim Folding Doors we have a large variety of high quality windows and doors for your home or business. Please visit our website www.foldingdoorsandwindows.com  or call us at 760-806-6830 to schedule a free in home estimate or to schedule an appointment to visit one of our showrooms. Frameless Folding DoorsFrameless Folding Doors Orange CountyFrameless Folding Patio Doors


Premier Frameless Folding Doors Balboa Island, Frameless patio doors Orange County, folding doors San Diego

A full unobstructed view from your home or business is now possible with the Premier Frameless Folding Doors, whether you have an ocean view a hills and mountains view, a city light view or simply a beautiful backyard view.

You no longer need to sacrifice your outdoor indoor experience with bulky French Doors, Framed  Bifolding Doors or Multi slide doors.You can now choose to have a  100% unobstructed view with the Premier Frameless Folding Doors or choose the dual glazed thermally broken Ultra Slim Framed Premier Folding Doors with no visible hardware and less than 3″ Site Line.

Premier Frameless Folding Doors are your best alternative anywhere in California whether you live in San Diego, Orange, Los Angeles, Riverside, Santa Barbara… Counties

Why Choose Premier  Folding Doors

  • Leading Edge Technology since 2002.
    Premier Folding Doors Fully implements the European patented Glass Curtains technology and is manufactured in Southern California.
  • Most Weather Tight Folding Doors.
    Premier Folding Doors have been tested to meet or exceed the standard for sliding folding doors for water tightness and Air intrusion.
  • Most Affordable.
    Premier Folding Doors innovative components helped make their doors very affordable to the homeowners and businesses.
  • Extremely  Versatile.
    1-Choose a main door on either side or both sides.
    2-Open one panel or open them all or just create air gaps to get some fresh air.
    3-Stack your panels outward or inward.
  • Very Secure. 
    Premier Unique Side-lock System compresses panels together to create a floor to ceiling solid glass wall.
    It locks from the inside, unless requested otherwise, making it impossible for intruders to try to get in.
  •  Bottom weighted. 
    The weight of the panels is divided equally and supported along the bottom track.
  • Low Maintenance.

    Frameless Folding Doors

    Most Weather Tight Frameless Folding Doors Balboa Island

    Frameless Folding Doors

    Unobstructed View All Year Long

    Frameless Patio Doors

    Most Versatile Folding Doors.