2018 Most Innovative, Most Energy Efficient and Slimmest Folding Doors on the Market Today. Coronado, San Diego

Premier Ultra Slim Folding Doors/ Coronado, San Diego

Why premier Ultra Slim Folding Doors are the best alternative to traditional bifold doors. The Desire to open up an entire wall to merge your indoor outdoor space has become the latest most popular trend for the last few years. Unfortunately when you opt for a bi-fold door you have to put up with the wide frames and the unattractive hardware that connects the panels together. The only time you can enjoy your space is when the doors are totally open.

The Premier Folding Doors have eliminated these issues with its Ultra Slim Folding Doors and the most water tight frameless Folding Doors. You can now enjoy your panoramic view and the feeling of open space whether your folding door is closed or open.

What makes the Premier Folding Doors and Windows the best option for your home or business?

  • The Panels are independent: You have the option to slide one two or all to create your own ambiance.
  • The Ultra Slim Folding Doors have less than 2” sight line.
  • Modern and elegant. No visible hardware.
  • No rollers: The panels glide on self-lubricating Teflon.
  • The patented Side-Lock system presses panels together for the security of a solid wall.
  • The Premier Folding Doors are bottom weighted, therefore there is no need to reinforce your header.
  • You can customize your Folding Doors.
  • Unlimited number of panels.
  • Any Standard RAL Color.
  • One man Door or Two.
  • Open your doors inswing or outswing.

The Homeowners in this beautiful Coronado home in San Diego chose the Ultra Slim Premier Folding Doors to create a seamless transition between their indoor and outdoor space. Note in the video how you can recreate your own space by sliding one or all panels. The patented Teflon technology allows the panels to glide with minimal effort. The Premier Folding Doors will be sure to astonish you with their elegance and stack-ability. To learn more about our doors visit us at www.foldingdoorsandwindows.com or call 760-806-6830 for a free in-home estimate.





Premier Ultra Slim Folding Doors:Most Innovative Folding Patio Doors.

Premier Ultra Slim Slide and Fold  Doors Alternative To Higher Costs Of Competitor Brands In Los Angeles, San Diego. www.foldingdoorsandwindows.com

Have you been looking for a Folding door alternative to french doors sliding doors and even a traditional bifold door? Is the thought of a custom patio door that swing, fold and slide appealing for your home or business? Would you prefer a lower cost alternative than  most folding door competitor brands, while keeping the top quality features? Watch this video of the Premier Folding Doors a luxury custom line folding door that blends craftsmanship with contemporary design and modern technology-but at an affordable cost within your budget. (Or, call us at 760-806-6830. Our folding door experts can supply you with all the information you need to enhance the beauty and style of your home or office.)

The Ultra Slim Slide and Fold Door is a stylish, yet flexible door system that offers the Slimmest folding patio Door on the market today. This Sleek design with no visible hardware complements most architectural styles and adds value to your home or business and. Upgrade your San Diego or Los Angeles home-or anywhere in Los Angeles, San Diego, Riverside or Orange County-with these truly leading edge technology Ultra Slim Folding Doors.

Enhance and Upgrade Your Southern California Home

Our Premier Ultra Slim Slide and Fold Door –  is a piece of furniture that enhances your space with an aura of luxury and sophistication. Emphasize your outdoor landscape of Pacific Ocean, beach, mountain, valley or desert views in Southern California; Santa Monica, Malibu, South Orange County, San Clemente, Carlsbad, North San Diego County coastal, the Mission/Pacific/Ocean Beaches of San Diego; San Fernando Valley, San Bernardino Mountains, Temecula Wine Country, or Palm Springs.

The elegance of our Slide and Fold Patio Door  is in the pleasing quality of its clean lines, and the feel of true innovation, as each panel slides and moves away, a unique personal experience of delightful surprise from its performance and value.

Key Features of The Signature Series French Exterior Folding Doors:

  • The fixed panel can be placed at each side of the opening, and the subsequent panels stack at either end.
  • Unlimited number of panels, up to 110 inches in height.
  • Thermal efficiency: a thermally broken system for insulation.
  • Helps insulate home from heat of “Indian Summers” in Southern California: Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Riverside, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara.
  • Folding Door system helps keep the cool and cold of the Southern California winter morning and evenings outside your home.


From our Vista Main Office, we can deliver your Ultra Slim Folding Glass Doors anywhere in Southern California-Los Angeles, San Diego, Anaheim, Riverside, Palm Springs, Santa Barbara, Orange County, and San Bernardino County. Give us a call at our Vista , CA showroom for more information at 760.806.6830.

 Give us a call at 760.806.6830.

Let us help you create your unique living space for your San Diego, Los Angeles or Southern California home. Give us a call at 760.806.6830, or send us an email (raffy@tgroupsales.com) today to request a free estimate. Schedule an appointment to visit our centrally located T Group Windows and Doors showrooms in Vista and Anaheim, CA.

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Glass French Doors Los Angeles:Custom French Doors, Slide and Fold Vinyl Doors Reviews

Glass French Doors,Patio Doors French,Panoramic Doors,Custom French Doors,French Doors Exterior Los Angeles T Group Windows and Doors

T Group Windows and Doors Review: Tami, Pacific Palisades, CA


Getting the best of all worlds when adding Vinyl Slide and Fold Doors  for your patio, exterior  or indoor living space, is now achievable in California. T Group Windows and Doors, the main distributor The most affordable Vinyl Slide and Fold Doors, continues to make affordable the most innovative French door that folds on the market. TheSlide and Fold Doors Vinyl Series are your best alternative to Folding doors and Patio sliding doors in residential or commercial buildings such as Restaurants, Offices, Lobbies, Car dealerships, entertainment venues, and more…Call T Group Windows and Doors today at 760-806-6830 and take advantage of their ongoing special discounts on these Vinyl Slide and Fold Doors and their superior customer service.

-Tami Holzman, a very satisfied customer from Pacific Palisades, California, confirms the quality, price and service that T Group Windows and Doors has provided her. The Slide and Fold Doors helped expand her space and allow a spectacular unobstructed view of the Ocean.

1. Quality In Folding Glass French Doors:

Tami says: “Amazing!” “The doors are gorgeous and I get tons of compliments .” These folding doors have terrific quality features:

  • Hinged doors (on either or both sides of your patio door opening) for easy access.
  • Unlimited number of door panels- to span any size opening.
  • No Rollers or ball bearings. Panels travel on self lubricating Teflon
  • When fully open, panels stack parallel to one another opening.
    up the space completely.
  • When closed, panels interlock  together creating a solid and  secure structure that resembles a floor to ceiling glass wall.
  • Thermally broken for insulation and weather protection.
  • Low Emissivity (Low-E) glass-dual glaze insulated glass.

The result of this quality is a stunning door that expands your living or dining space. “They make my house look twice the size with the inside outside effect!” Tami explains.

2. Price and Affordability

Such stunning quality and features are affordable. Tami was pleasantly surprised to learn of their affordable price: “It is hard to imagine they are a fraction of the cost of Nana doors or Fleetwood” said Tami.

What makes these Slide and Fold  Doors so affordable?

  • No Structural Change to your header opening is required.
  • This Folding Door System can be used in most door enclosures: new construction, remodel. retrofit, residential and commercial buildings.
  • The weight of the door rests 100% on the bottom track, thus minimizing installation and operational problems.
  • Innovative operational hardware is completely concealed within the frame-reducing the cost of expensive hardware additions.

3. Service.

With a quality custom Folding Doors, you need expert installation, and service after installation, to make your door purchase a complete success. Notice Tami’s comments about the service she receives from T Group: “Raffy and his team at T Group Windows and Doors did an outstanding job providing and installing my Panoramic Doors! They continue to be available should I ever have any questions or adjustments. “

Tami experienced the satisfaction from using a quality door and window contractor:

  • An “A+” rating from the Better Business Bureau;
  • A  history of over 1,000,000 doors and windows sold;
  • A family owned business that gets 75% of their total sales from repeat customers.

“ Amazing!” is what Tami has to say about these Slide and Fold Vinyl Series and T Group.

Let T GROUP Windows and Doors help create or enhance your unique living space. We can open up your living space, and expand your indoors to your outdoors- in San Diego, Los Angeles, Orange, Riverside, San Bernardino Counties and Palm Springs. Call 760.806.6830, or visit  T Group Windows and Doors to see the design, beauty and gallery of folding glass doors. We have a variety of folding glass door systems priced for anyone’s budget.

Call 760-806-6830 for a free consultation and estimate, or visit www.FoldingDoorsandWindows.com.

Glass French Doors,Patio Doors French,Panoramic Doors,Custom French Doors,French Doors Exterior Los Angeles

T Group Windows and Doors Review: Tami, Pacific Palisades, CA

Glass French Doors,Patio Doors French,Panoramic Doors,Custom French Doors,French Doors Exterior Los Angeles T Group Windows and Doors

“Amazing Doors!”-Tami, Pacific Palisades, CA