Folding Sliding Doors- Frameless Folding Doors- 6 Ways To Improve Your Lifestyle, Replacement Windows and Doors

T Group Windows and Doors Affordable, high quality window and door systems provide many advantages-to your pocketbook, for your health, and for your safety and security. Notice these 6 lifestyle improvements and advantages installing new window and/or sliding, folding door systems from T Group can deliver for you (or call 760.806.6830, and let us help you choose from our large selection to fit your needs.)

Frameless Folding Doors

Most Weather Tight Frameless Folding Door

Frameless Folding Doors

6 Ways T Group Windows and Doors Can Improve Your Lifestyle;

No matter what style and décor you’ve chosen for your project,  Our Slide and Fold Systems will complement your residential or commercial property’s character and harmonize beautifully with today’s contemporary lifestyles. Here are some of the advantages that come with installing our high-quality window and door systems.

 1. Fresh Air
Keep fresh air flowing through your living space to remove stale air and move pollutants out. Open those windows up and let the breeze come in. You’d be amazed at how the gentle breeze from the sea, valley, or mountain adds so much life to your property!

2. The Beauty of Light
Fill your space with warmth and a feeling of spaciousness by allowing both the sun and moonlight stream in. Natural light can enhance your home’s livability, not to mention your mood!

3. Energy Efficiency
Bringing ample light in can help reduce your dependence on electricity to power artificial lighting, allowing for significant savings in utility bills. Panda’s weather performance systems can also help you control heat gain and loss during winter and summer months and reduce your consumption of gas and oil to heat/cool your property.

4. Aesthetic Value
Adding our Slide and Fold Systems to a property can greatly change the look and feel of the space, making it more appealing to the eye. The blend of your interior living space with the exterior enlarges the area, making it look bigger and providing a unique sense of freedom.

5. Indoor/Outdoor Living
Our Slide and Fold door systems create a unique, stunning transition from the interior to the exterior of your property. Whether you are entertaining, reading or simply relaxing, you can easily create the ideal ambiance for any occasion.

Imagine opening your living room to the pool and barbeque area for that special celebration, or just lying down in your patio’s hammock while streaming music from your master bedroom or enjoying a cocktail with friends at the pool bar that connects to the kitchen.

6. Spectacular Views
Maximum glass exposure creates endless views to where the sky is literally the limit. Maximize the view of your surroundings by bringing the outdoors in. Invite the mountains, the ocean, the dessert and nature in general to take a sneak peek at your property every day!

7. Ideal Internal Divisions
Choose our  frameless slide and fold series to create internal divisions to your great room to cut down on noise or food smell coming from your kitchen, to create independent office space in your business, or to create an entrance to your shop in the mall.

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